Gen Z College Students on Life, Loans and More


This panel will explore college as seen through the eyes of today’s young students. How are loans and other expenses affecting students’ views on the value of college? What do they envision for their future careers and lives? How would they re-design higher ed to better serve today’s students? Three unique and outspoken college students will share their stories and perspectives.

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  1. This panel will help attendees to better understand how college affordability and debt are directly impacting the lives of students on campus.
  2. Hear from students on how they are grappling with uncertainty about the future of work and what their colleges can do to ensure they are prepared.
  3. Collaborate with students to arrive at actionable insights about how to better serve the educational and social emotional needs of Gen Z learners.



Kimberly Sooklall, Communications Specialist, McGraw-Hill

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  • Tags: student voice
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Higher Education
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  • Level: Basic Understanding

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