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Developing the next reality of our lives: Spatial


As we take digital technology off our two-dimensional screens and into the world around us, we have a responsibility to create a spatial computing future that is magical with immersive content and fresh applications that enhance our personal lives and professional engagements. Spatial computation gives us the opportunity to create and coexist in all types of new worlds and dimensions emerges. Someday, the launch of everyday spatial computing will act as the “timestamp” as we chase the future of technology and reflect on how it impacts culture. This begs today’s question: What reality do we want to create for future generations? Tricia will discuss the impact of spatial computing and humanity, and what developers can do to co-create a better world.

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  1. Learn about spatial computing for devs: Where it’s been, where it’s going and why it’s important to you.
  2. How spatial computing erodes space and time boundaries, and enables communication and work to occur in completely new ways.
  3. Specific use cases, such as entertainment, communications, health, energy, and mobility.


  • Tricia Katz, Developer Evangelism Lead, Developer Relations, Magic Leap


Tricia Katz, Developer Evangelism Lead, Developer Relations, Magic Leap

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