SXSW 2020

Cannabusiness in Africa: Is there a future?


As cannabusiness continues to rise around the world, it begs the question whether there is a play for African countries or whether they will be left out of this emerging trillion dollar business. Lesotho, South Africa and Ethiopia are looking at the industry from an export market perspective. The cannabis expo held in South African highlighted the potential of the business across the region, despite the lengthy licensing process for cultivation and sale. Lesotho has started issuing permits to grow and export medical marijuana, and Malawi and Zimbabwe appear to be moving in the same direction. How can the industry be developed responsibly and help support broad based economic growth in some of the world’s poorest countries?

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  1. How can companies best work around lengthy licensing processes for cultivation and sale?
  2. What is the demand for permits to grow and export marijuana?
  3. As African countries consider their play here, how could that impact the industry from an export market perspective?



Nosike Nwigene, Social Media, Insider PR

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