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SXSW 2020

5 Ways You're Killing Your Creative Potential

Creativity scores have been in decline since the 90’s. Over the last 2 years, three quarters of all top-grossing movies have been sequels or remakes. Chord structures in music have become homogenized. Schools are cutting funding for the arts. Research underscores this issue, with 7/10 people saying they aren’t creative or acting on their creative potential. One thing is clear: creativity is under threat. Yet creativity is a driving force that moves the world forward and is the only true source of sustainable growth for companies. The most creative companies enjoy greater market share and competitive leadership. Join Brent Anderson, Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple’s dedicated creative agency, for an inspiring message of 5 things killing creativity & how to avoid them.

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Brianna Schrader, Sr. PR Manager, TBWA

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