What Today's Kids Need for Tomorrow's World


Tomorrow's world will be defined by machines, momentum and major market changes. These forces will change how we live, learn and work. Today's kids are growing up in a time of rapid change and will enter adulthood in a world that will operate differently than it does now. The currencies today's kids need to make it go far beyond content knowledge, to include cash, competencies, connections and credentials. This session explores who today's kids are what we must do to get them ready.

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  1. Attendees will understand who today's kids are and the unique challenges they face and will continue to experience as they get older
  2. Attendees will consider the role of machines (e.g., automation, AI), momentum and market forces play in how today's kids will learn, work and live.
  3. Attendees will explore how schools can reimagine their roles, partnerships and approaches to modernize and prepare today's kids for tomorrow's world.



Stephanie Krauss, Senior Director, Jobs for the Future

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