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Campus AgTech: Fueling Students and Sustainability

Students are calling for healthy, sustainable, novel food that is, ideally, all locally-sourced. How can universities & food service providers keep up? This panel explores how future-thinking schools and providers like Sodexo are moving food production on-campus with innovative agtech. These programs satisfy important logistical criteria – consistent year-round volume, nutrition, traceability, menu creativity – and interactive curricula for a student generation looking to change the food system.

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  1. Grow their understanding of current student-consumer trends as they relate to local, healthy, and sustainable food.
  2. Explain how on-site farming can be used to improve the student on-campus experience and the actionable next steps needed to implement such programs.
  3. How educational institutions can guide the next generation to understand, value, and participate in a sustainable, socially-responsible food system.


  • Brad McNamara, Co-founder and CEO, Freight Farms
  • Dr. Robyn Metcalfe, Director, Food+City; Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, Food+City
  • Jenny Isler, Director of Sustainability, Clark University
  • Leila Costa, Sustainability Architect, Sodexo


Caroline Katsiroubas, Director Of Marketing And Community Relations, Freight Farms

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