SXSW 2020

Setting the Standard: Creating Inclusive Economies


Creating an inclusive economy is on the minds of leaders around the country. In light of all the divisive rhetoric heard around the country, communities are hunkering down to tackle real life issues that can be solved through taking a hard look at what an inclusive economy really means. In many of our cities there are historically undervalued & overlooked neighborhoods & communities. Many of these areas were redlined or have discriminatory covenants that have led to underinvestment thereby creating communities that need an infusion economically to create capacity, build infrastructure & promote sustainable economic development. City leaders are doing their part to change the trajectory of these communities & are thinking strategically about how to create inclusive economies.

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  1. How the public and private sector can collaborate to create an inclusive economy using their varying knowledge base.
  2. How to hear the community's needs & positively engage them in the development of an inclusive economy.
  3. How to assuage concerns about gentrification and displacement when creating an inclusive economy.



Petula Burks, Dir Of Pr & Communications, Greater Sacramento Economic Council

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