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SXSW 2020

Can Big Stories Free Us of the Attention Economy?

In the jungle of contents, documentary seems unsuitable. Long time, complexity of the story... so many characteristics in contradiction with the snacking contents trend. Yet, it adapts to the uses and technological evolutions with a particular adequacy. Even more, with its intrinsic subjectivity, it‘s a defensive tool against infobesity and clickbaits.
Newsworthy events have the capacity to attract a large audience. Documentaries have as well a capacity to « make event », with frescoes about big themes (decolonization, slavery…) which generate a high level of commitment. This talk, based on the european and public culture channel ARTE and its expertise on linear TV and online documentaries, will be the occasion to reinvent the documentary place in the future audiovisual landscape.

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  1. Outline the pertinence of and the need for high quality documentaries in the era of suspicion.
  2. Understand that storytelling is a tool to come-out the attention economy and re-enchant the digital world.
  3. Highlight the documentary's capacity to empower users and respond to a demand for programs that offer a deep understanding of the ins and outs.



Gilles Freissinier, Head of digital, ARTE France

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
  • Track: Media & Journalism
  • Level: Advanced
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