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SXSW 2020

Why is 3D the Future of the Web?

We have just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the web. On this occasion, everyone is focusing on the problems of web governance (fake news, net neutrality…) and not necessarily on what makes it strong: content. Of course, we must not minimize the problems currently plaguing the Internet, but these debates must not monopolize all our attention, otherwise, Internet users may gradually turn into passive users who will meekly spend their evenings in front of Netflix, Youtube or Instagram. This is why it is important to be concerned about content and the ability of websites to attract and retain the attention of Internet users. And this is where 3D and spatial computing on the web can be very useful to fight against Infobesity. But to what extent?

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  1. 3D has been ubiquitous in media such as films and videogames for decades, why not yet on the web? What makes it possible now?
  2. What are the different present and future use cases for real-time 3D and spatial computing? What are the key advantages of these?
  3. How to produce 3D content for the web, what are the best practices, technologies and tool available now and in the future?


  • David Cathue, Technical Leader 3D, Microsoft
  • Sébastien DEGUY, Vice Preseident, 3D & Immersive (founder of Allegorithmic) , Adobe


Nicolas Jacques, Co-Founder & Coo, Naker.io

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Design
  • Level: Intermediate
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