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SXSW 2020

Retaining Culture in the Age of Remote Working

While it’s commonplace today, Cisco was a pioneer in remote working over a decade ago, and maintains that flexibility for its staff today - teams are spread all over the globe yet connect and work together successfully through collaboration technology. It’s also something that a younger workforce has come to expect and impacts their decision on where to work. While this has been great for Cisco for a number of important reasons, such as access to a global talent base, attracting and retaining talent, improving staff productivity and reducing facility overheads, it has an obvious impact on the ability to create and maintain a company culture. How do you keep a positive and consistent culture across different teams, located in different countries at a scale of such a large organization?

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  1. Walk away with insights and best practice on how to keep a consistent and positive culture in the digital age.
  2. Learn how to leverage the benefits of remote and flexible working in the digital age.
  3. Learn how to keep a consistent culture across different diverse teams, located in different countries throughout the world.



David Bertling, President, LIVE24 Communications

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