SXSW 2020

When Privacy is a Choice, Humanity is Free


Pandora’s Box has been opened, with our private data scattered online to the winds, where it’s often sold and/or stored with companies and in places we’ve altogether forgotten.

Data privacy should be a right for all consumers, but online privacy has proven to be impossible to manage. Consumers need a way to take data privacy into their own hands where they control their privacy and have the “choice” to be private or not.

Mr. Dvoinos will share insights and details on FigLeaf, a new mobile and desktop app designed to help address and fix online privacy; an app that gives consumers the power to finally understand where their personal data is, who has it, what data they have, and will allow consumers to fully manage and control their privacy - making privacy possible for everyone.

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  1. Steps to take for audience members to maintain their personal digital well being
  2. How to move through the digital world without needing to choose between total online anonymity and the right level of privacy
  3. We’re happy to give a demo to show how easy it is for consumers to use the FigLeaf app in an integrated way online - mobile and PC.


  • Yuriy Dvoinos, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, FigLeaf


Mindy Hull, CEO/Founder, Mercury Global Partners

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