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SOI : The Engines Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

We are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution. From AI to IoT to machine learning to automation, companies must evolve to survive. Lennar International, the division in charge of bringing the dream of owning a US home to the world for Lennar, a Fortune 200 company, partnered with innovative upstart ONE12th to re-imagine itself as a data-driven, digital-first organization. The Systems Of Intelligence (SOI) connect data to business outcomes in order to maximize efficiency. ONE12th led Lennar International’s transformation through a System of Optimization, by placing the SOI as the engine at the center of every process. This enables Lennar International to leverage, and stay one step ahead of, the data-fueled technological advances of the 4th industrial revolution… And so can you.

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Alejandro Jaegerman, Head Of Solutions, ONE12TH

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