View from the Canopy: Trends in School Innovation


What are the trends worth watching in school innovation and redesign? Join this session for a fast-paced tour through some of the most notable findings arising from the Canopy, a new, national dataset of schools reimagining teaching and learning. The insights and diverse stories of school innovation—surfaced from schools not typically found on the usual lists—that you’ll discover result from a year-long study and collaborative effort involving hundreds of organizations and schools.

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  1. Discover where student-centered learning is taking root, illustrated by school-specific examples from across the country
  2. Expand understanding of the diversity within innovative school models, including correlative patterns in the various designs schools are pursuing
  3. Learn about equity questions that arise from patterns in which innovative approaches are used in different contexts



Chelsea Waite, Researcher, K-12 Education, Christensen Institute

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