XR Breakthroughs & the Future of Work in Education


How will XR impact the future of work in Ed Tech? With advances in XR apps, virtual classrooms and simulation tools, there’s an immersive media literacy movement afoot, and instructional designers versed in these technologies will lead their institutions into the future. Kicking off with a presentation highlighting current use cases, this meetup will include a mini design workshop to encourage participants to trade stories and collaborate around a shared vision for the future of higher learning.

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  1. Use cases! Attendees will leave with an understanding of a variety of effective applications of XR technologies in learning.
  2. Attendees will hear from each other about their experiences with these emerging technologies including challenges and success stories.
  3. What skills do creative / educational technologists need to facilitate the use of these technologies in curriculum for project based learning?


  • Alexis Seeley, Direction of Education and Opportunity Programs, RLab


Alexis Seeley, Direction Of Education And Opportunity Programs, Rlab

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