SXSW 2020

Privacy by Design


As privacy stories flood news cycles, the message is clear: consumers demand privacy. Tech companies have a significant opportunity to build trust & protect their customers. However, if the tech industry pushes back or tries to circumvent consumer demand, they run the risk of alienating consumers.

This session will take a look at how hardware manufacturers can step into the privacy arena by becoming the de facto standard for embedded privacy solutions & ultimately pass control of personal information back to the individual. The session will dive into embedded privacy, the role of government regulation around privacy, & the impact of new policies from tech companies. Consumers are ready to take data privacy into their own hands-can device manufacturers help lead the way?

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  1. Speakers to discuss how tech companies rise to the opportunity to protect their customers while still maintaining consumer trust
  2. Core principles companies can apply to build greater consumer trust and pass control of personal information back to the individual
  3. Discussion how far the responsibility of ensuring privacy extends to tech companies


  • Lyn Tran, Chief Product Officer, FigLeaf
  • James LaCroix, Director, Software Product Management , Lenovo


Mindy Hull, CEO/Founder, Mercury Global Partners

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
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