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SXSW 2020

How Punk Rock Can Help us Save the World

In 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti, I sailed to Haiti with friends, bringing 12000 pounds of supplies and food on we are told was the first private relief boat to reach the southern coast of Haiti. After that experience, in seeking international support at the $1000 level and up for what I decided would be my new non profit, I was stunned that the donors who supported me most were people who had seen me on tour playing punk rock and speaking, and who offered support at the $2 and $1 and $5 level. Hundreds of them. As an international community, punk rockers accessed entirely via twitter and facebook, created the conditions under which far more relief, and in time development, became possible. Punk minded thought became the center of the work that One Hundred For Haiti does to this day.

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  1. Think smaller: our trend is towards scale and size, when to think from an opposite perspective can yield tremendous results with a right goal in mind.
  2. Be a radically genuine activist: use social media to capture your humanity not the glorified perception of your humanity. People bond to authenticity.
  3. Act globally: changing the world without having a clue is something many of us feel. Let's normalize it, find empowerment in it, and take action.



Greg Bennick, Speaker / Author / Punk Rocker / Humanitarian, One Hundred For Haiti

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