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When SEL Meets Math, Students Thrive

In most schools, social/emotional learning (SEL) is tacked on as an extra program. Austin’s Long-View Micro School attends to students’ SEL while they are learning mathematics, leading to astounding results. We have found if you align goals for SEL growth with effective classroom discourse, you can inculcate learners into the discipline and foster social-emotional competencies. This session will provide an overview of how Long-View’s teachers take this approach to re-humanize math education.

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  1. Discourse within a classroom community with socio-mathematical norms is an important vehicle for learning mathematics.
  2. Discourse can nurture mathematical thinking and the skills needed to be responsible participants of society.
  3. Discourse-focused learning communities assume children are capable of thinking and interacting at levels much higher than they are often given credit.



Lisa Zapalac, Co-Founder, Long-View Micro School

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