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Research-Based SEL Practices for Any Classroom

Social and emotional learning experts Milena Batanova from Harvard’s Making Caring Common and Dr. Anne Snyder, Learning Scientist at McGraw-Hill, are passionate about translating SEL research into actionable teaching strategies. During this interactive session, presenters will review key SEL strategies and offer attendees time to practice them. This session is suitable for educators that interact with students in grades PreK-12 and will be useful for classroom teachers or school leaders.

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  1. Attendees will learn about emerging research trends in SEL and be informed enough to continue learning about the SEL topics independently.
  2. Attendees will learn 7-10 tangible, actionable, widely applicable SEL teaching strategies that they can bring back to the classroom.
  3. Attendees will practice these strategies in a collaborative environment and discuss how these strategies support student development with peers.



Erin Stauffer, Marketing Asst, McGraw-Hill

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