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What Augmented Driving Will Feel Like


The auto industry is grappling with the realization that fully autonomous cars may be further from production than once hoped. But related technologies (automated driver assistance) are making cars vastly safer now. The driving experience these increasingly automated cars can be bewildering. Inspired by the mixed reality industry, a new human-machine interface will unify these disparate sensors, map data, and services into a coherent, intuitive interface. Today's car-control interface (wheel, pedals, gearshift) is a mechanical relationship. In the future, these controls will be joined by an interface that allows the driver to "feel" the information contained in a simultaneous virtual environment overlaid 1:1 on the physical environment of the car.

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  1. Brought to the car, mixed reality concepts could radically improve situational awareness in drivers. Turning them into powerful "augmented" drivers.
  2. We're building better real-time maps for robot drivers than human drivers.
  3. The performance of future cars will be judged by how richly they allow drivers to sense virtualized information.


  • Theo Calvin, Creative Director/ Transportation Sector Lead, frog design


Theo Calvin, Creative Director, Transporation Sector Lead for North America, frog design

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