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Using Technology To Spread Consent Awareness


From a male perspective, we’ve noticed that a majority of harassment and assault prevention efforts are focused on getting women to protect themselves (go out in groups, be aware of your surroundings, text when you get home etc.). As such, the responsibility is being put on women to prevent something they can’t control. Using technology, we can start to solve the problem before it becomes one by instead educating EVERYONE.

Using technology, we can reach people in vulnerable moments when consent matters most. And rather than coming across as a lecture, we can spread awareness in a way where the experience itself creates ‘ah-ha’ moments that demonstrate the value of consent. As technology advances, it’s important to bring that same new thinking into the way we talk about consent.

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  1. Using technology in classrooms to spread consent awareness in a language teens understand.
  2. Using technology to infiltrate party culture and spread consent awareness in the moments when it matters most.
  3. Using technology to spread consent awareness in industries long plagued by sexual harassment.


  • Phil Van Buren, Associate Creative Director, Heat
  • Austin O'Connor, Creative Director, Heat


Phil Van Buren, Associate Creative Director, Heat

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