SXSW 2020

Female Athlete Health: What We're Missing


People throw NSAIDS, birth control, and surgery as a panacea for women's health problems. Being an athlete further complicates the matter with added niche stressors. Unfortunately common treatments further exacerbate the underlying health issues and make matters worse. Are there alternatives? YES, and we need to be talking about them more. I fell out of my sport because no one had answers, only bandaids. I discovered functional medicine and realized the resounding amount of alternatives out there that no one is talking about. This session talks about issues encountered by female athletes and how they can optimize their health, performance, and longevity. There will be many tools provided to empower women to take their health into their own hands, instead of suffering in silence.

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  1. Many female athletes are not educated in how to read their bodies and what to look out for. Their period is not the problem, it exposes the problem.
  2. Misunderstood symptoms, overlooked blood markers, and unbalanced hormones can impact health and performance in athletes when not treated correctly.
  3. The 6 pillars of female health. How fueling, lifestyle, balanced training, and stress levels can have major impacts on hormone health.



Natalie Picchetti-Moos, CEO, The Human Nutrition Project and Health Plus-ATX

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