Changing the Conversation: A Restorative Approach

Stuck in the same old discipline conversation? Need a new
approach to connect with students? Explore an innovative process for difficult conversations that is grounded in neuroscience. It integrates mindfulness, restorative language, and brain-based strategies to build connection, foster resilience, and empower youth. Our goal is to provide a process to all educators to help them shift students locus of control from extrinsic to intrinsic and to guide the development of SEL skills.

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  1. Participants will explore practical approaches to incorporate mindfulness into difficult conversations.
  2. Participants will learn and practice using restorative language when addressing difficult situations with students and/or colleagues.
  3. Participants will shift their mindset around discipline from a punishing situation to a teaching moment.


  • Kevin Kerr, Social and Emotional Learning Specialist, Austin ISD
  • Hilary Simon, Social and Emotional Learning Specialist, Austin ISD


Kevin Kerr, Social & Emotional Learning Specialist, Austin Independent School District

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