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SXSW 2017

EPL v MLS: Lessons in Soccer Storytelling

Football is a religion in the UK. Overseas, the Premier League retains a unique global resonance. Its TV deal is the second largest in sport and EPL contributes half of the world’s top 10 teams in social media.
During 13 years in charge of content at Arsenal FC, I was at the forefront of that worldwide development. But in 2015, I moved to Major League Soccer. The game was the same but the players, media, fan culture and, as a result, the narrative were different.
The lessons are powerful for all stakeholders in content - creatives, partners, major teams and ‘challenger’ brands. And what can the NFL and NBA learn as they strive to create new markets overseas?

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  1. How to adjust your content strategy to the cultural nuances of different fanbases in different markets?
  2. Which content particularly appeals in different markets such as the UK, US, China, and SE Asia?
  3. How to leverage content to meet different business objective in different markets?



Richard Clarke, Sr Dir of Digital Media and Communications , Colorado Rapids Soccer Club

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