Music Education in a World of Digital Distractions


Kids and their devices, right? If you can’t beat them, join them. This year has placed new demands on music educators. With quick advancements in digital technology combined with a global pandemic, everyone is on their devices more than ever. Embrace the technology your students love and see how iPads and music learning apps can actually be your secret weapon. We’ll explore how to use Yousician’s gamified approach to make learning addictive for your students in a world of digital distractions.

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  1. Technology and devices do not have to be enemies of music education, but can help make music learning addictive in a world of digital distractions.
  2. By embracing digital technology, teachers can now deliver high-quality music lessons remotely and in school with little to no musical background.
  3. We can achieve positive societal changes if we embrace technology that makes learning music more accessible for all, on a global scale.



Natasha Weber, Director Of Communications, Yousician

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