SXSW 2020

The Renewed Relevance of Physicality in XR


Over the last few decades, entertainment technology has gone from rudimentary to virtually limitless. However, there is a massive learning curve in adopting the tools necessary to create digital art. With XR, there has been a return to physicality. Given its spatial nature (3D vs 2D), artists now have the opportunity to use real-world skills in virtual space. Our panelists embody that crossover: Nancy Baker Cahill (4th Wall) trained in Fine Art, and uses her drawing skills to create animated 3D virtual sculptures, Aidan Wolf (DoodleLens) enables anyone to augment their space with doodles, and Mária Júdová blurs the line between audience and performer with her interactive VR dance experience, DUST. Ryan Groves, founder of Arcona, a consulting firm for AI and Creativity, will moderate.

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  1. We will uncover the process of transferring artistic skill from the real world to the virtual, through the 3 mediums of doodling, fine art and dance.
  2. An overview all of the relevant tools and techniques, as well as industry best practices (when applicable) for pursuing the arts in XR.
  3. The futuristic possibilities and potential road blocks–for example, using 3D art for activism, copyright issues, and virtual property/identity rights.



Ryan Groves, Founder / Partner, Arcona Music

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