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Designing Academic Systems for Lifelong Learning

Current academic structures do not foster lifelong learning dispositions. For the last 19 years and through 115+ iterative design cycles, we’ve broken with past precedent to build 8 interacting systems—content, instruction, assessment, Sustainable OER, literacy, hands-on laboratory work, digital technologies, and PD—that re-engineer formal science class to support natural neural development for learners aged 13-20. This hands-on workshop explores the rule-breaking designs of all 8 systems.

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  1. To explore comprehensive curricula that break conventional secondary academic rules while meeting the same requirements within the same time frames
  2. To understand how content reorganization makes deep learning & competency-based assessment practical, personalized & equitable for all students
  3. To appreciate how OER, teacher PD, disciplinary literacy & 4 types of digital technologies work synergistically to fuel learning in an Information Age



Catherine Saldutti, President & Founder, EduChange Inc

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