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Gen Alpha Can Save Democracy — Will We Let Them?

What happens when an unstoppable force (generational change) collides with an immovable object (pedagogical policy)? Millennials were the scapegoat and punching bag for the recent generational dissonance. Enter Generation Alpha. Taking lessons learned from the last collision, will we let the next wave of leaders tell their story to help form a symbiosis? We have the tools; we don't always have the savvy. Storytelling can bridge the gap and help save our democracy in the process.

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  1. Journalistic storytelling — rooted in truth, accuracy and ethical decision-making — influences a society addicted to dopamine hits.
  2. Learning these journalism concepts transfers beyond the school experience and into students’ personal lives, which ignites a bigger dialogue.
  3. Students can use storytelling to engage, connect and effect change. We must allow Gen Alpha to practice the First Amendment to protect democracy.



Kelly Glasscock, Executive Director, Journalism Education Association

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