SXSW 2020

Pioneering the Spatial Web & Bringing MR to Life


With the ability to create true-to-scale 3D virtual replicas of anything from recipe cards to living room chairs, the world has been introduced to a new era of digital immersion. Now, spatial computing brings even more possibilities, as creators develop experiences that jump off the page and into the real world, understanding and reacting to the space and objects around us. As the world’s first spatial computing web browser, Magic Leap’s Helio transforms passive web browsing into an interactive spatial experience.

Learn how Wayfair created a spatial web experience for Helio that applies the idea of spatial computing to the traditionally 2D world of the web, bringing 3D digital replicas of furniture and decor into the space around us, breaking the boundaries of traditional e-commerce.

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  1. Build mixed reality (MR) experiences with minimal code and join the next generation of easy, powerful, expandable and open computing.
  2. Spatialize and scale up content for a native MR web browser. Design and develop for 3D prisms (not flat planes) in plain HTML and with zero iteration.
  3. Learn why development for MR web creates a familiar, easy user experience and how true-to-life scale models may help drive sales conversions.


  • Shrenik Sadalgi, Head of Next, Wayfair
  • Genevieve Mak, Head of Helio Browser and Web Platform, Magic Leap


John Costelo, Public Relations Manager, Wayfair

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