SXSW 2020

Brand Storytelling in a World of Spatial Computing


It’s 2021 and your virtual avatar just cleaned house at a Vegas casino, you ordered your Tesla through Magic Leap, and spoke to your family via hologram. Is it 2021 or did you just return from the future? Your digital twin is here and Ready Player One was just a glimpse of today’s digital reality. We have entered a new frontier where brands are forced to create their spatial computing brand in order to communicate with consumers. Spatial computing will be to the next decade what mobile and the internet were to the ones before. How do you tell your brand story in this digital world of spatial computing? Are you ready to build your digital twin? Join experts to discuss how to fit into this new digital reality to amplify and enhance your physical experience while driving revenue.

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  1. What is the best digital medium to tell your brand story?
  2. What is and isn’t working in today's digital reality of AR/VR and holograms?
  3. What industries will take the lead in spatial computing?


  • Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder, VNTANA
  • Joanna Popper, Global Head of VR for Location Based Entertainment, HP
  • Matthew Kenagy, Sr. Director | Strategic Development, Caesars Entertainment
  • John Canning, Executive Producer – New Media & Experiential, Digital Domain


Natascha French, Chief Marketing Officer, VNTANA

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