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Tokyo-Austin: Good Food Equals Good Health

This meet up is designed to stimulate interactions and collaborations around how smart technologies and data can be used to support equal access to good food as a means to empowering good health. As urban populations expand globally so do food deserts and the need for access to fresh and healthy foods. Austin City Up’s Health Committee along with Japan’s Award Winning Chef Hitoshi Sugiura will share ideas and insights on improving individual and population health through how and what we eat.

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  1. Gain insights into how what and how we eat impact health
  2. Hear how thought leaders in Tokyo and Austin are addressing individual and population health through better food and partnerships.
  3. 3. Network and share ideas on how food, data and technologies can be applied globally to bring everyone to a delightful table of better health!



Hope Young, President/Owner, Center For Music Therapy

Meta Information:

  • Tags: universal design
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Meet Up
  • Track: Global Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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