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The Cultural Obsession with Life After Death

“There are two things we all have in common: death and taxes.” Thanks to today’s advancements in technology and medicine, thousands of people worldwide have been pronounced clinically dead and were resuscitated. What happens after people die and are then brought back? What do these near-death experiences (NDEs) reveal about our next life? This global phenomenon has now become a cultural obsession. At this unique moment in time, science, medicine, faith and technology are intersecting to answer the age-old question, “What happens after we die?” Panelists will discuss the evidence. Our panel includes New York Time’s best-selling author John Burke, radiation oncologist and medical researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Long and two NDEs: spine surgeon Dr. Mary Neal and retired professor Dr. Howard Storm.

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  1. New scientific and medical research findings that show consciousness lives on after death and sharing of skeptics’ counter-arguments.
  2. First-hand accounts (NDEs) from people that have died and been brought back.
  3. Twelve “common threads” that appear to be consistent across ADEs regardless of background, culture, location, race, religion, etc.



Jeff Peck, Executive Director, Christ Together Greater Austin

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