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Creating a Space for Genomics in All Classrooms

Learning about the science and ethics of genomics (just a fancy word for all your DNA) in the classroom has taken off. Working with science, history, and social studies educators from middle school, high school, community colleges, and Tribal Colleges, we creatively bring cutting-edge genomic science to students across the nation and create spaces for difficult classroom conversations about privacy, racism, ethics, and identity.

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  1. Learn about the annual NHGRI Short Course in Genomics and its new lesson plan project to teach the microbiome, bioinformatics, and gene editing.
  2. Learn about engagement and learning approaches in working with science educators and federal agencies through the Henrietta Lacks lesson plans.
  3. Learn about cultural considerations in educating diverse populations about genomics and the Tribal College Consortium on Genomics Training.



Christina Daulton, Community Outreach Specialist, National Human Genome Research Institute

Meta Information:

  • Tags: diversity, community
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Informal Learning
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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