Fixing Algebra: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes


For digital learning to deliver on its promise to improve education, schools need leadership to question the status quo. Why do we expect the latest and greatest tech in every aspect of our lives except the classroom? Education is complacent; amassing technology only to gather dust beside dated textbooks. When the unstoppable force of innovation meets the immovable object of pedagogy, students are caught in the gridlock. Hear how educators and EdTech have collaborated to finally move the needle.

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  1. Examine how changing curriculum three years in a row helped 20% more students overcome the Algebra obstacle.
  2. Understand how the 5th largest online school leveraged EdTech to analyze data and test hypotheses on why students fail vs. succeed.
  3. Learn why it’s so important to pioneer the change leadership necessary to break free from complacency among products and practitioners.



Cody Bendix, Corporate Communications Director, StrongMind

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