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Connected: The Power of Digital Learning Every Day

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In 2013, the majority of schools across the country were not equipped to implement an innovative and technology-rich curriculum. Today, with more than 97 percent of school districts with increased access to high-speed Internet, technology is taking hold and creating incredible learning opportunities for our students. Join EducationSuperHighway, Future Ready and Digital Promise to discuss how the classroom is transforming for students and teachers.

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  1. Inspire school leaders to continue to improve technology in their classrooms and schools to achieve results in their schools
  2. Learn guiding principles and/or frameworks for leveling the playing field for all students leveraging the power of digital learning
  3. Brainstorm the next tangible and solvable equity issue facing America’s public schools



Meredith Bradshaw, Vp Marketing & Communications, EducationSuperHighway

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