SXSW 2020

Refugees in the Workplace: A New Talent Pool


With businesses around the globe facing tight labor markets and a desire to drive social impact initiatives, many leaders are looking to the world’s 25.4 million refugees as potential employees. In addition to supporting a vulnerable population, hiring refugees offers employers a new pool of talent from which to draw new perspectives and drive positive business outcomes. However, successful employment of refugees goes beyond an initial hiring decision. Leaders need to foster a culture of inclusion to unlock the potential of refugee workers once they hit the ground. This session will explore our research, consisting of nearly 100 conversations with refugees and their employees, to discuss how organizations can help refugee employees feel welcomed into – and thrive within – the workplace.

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  1. Guiding principles and tactical initiatives that employers can use to foster an inclusive culture for refugee employees
  2. The diverse and innovative skills and perspectives that refugees can bring and their importance to shaping the organizations of tomorrow
  3. Leading practices and examples from organizations today who are already building an inclusive culture for their refugee employees



Francesca Accomazzo, Human Capital Strategy Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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