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AI + HI (Human Intelligence) = Educational Equity

To achieve educational equity by addressing learner variability, we need to blend AI with HI (human intelligence) through data. Combining AI & HI maximizes how educators can personalize instruction and empower learners to help them reach their full potential. We will discuss & define terms including personalized learning, whole child frameworks, & equity in school. The panel will include a lively debate among varied experts & will encourage audience participation through polling & discussion.

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  1. Learners will discover how blending AI and HI through data helps drive personalized instruction and educational equity in the classroom.
  2. Learners will be exposed to the Learner Variability Navigator tool and how it can help developers leverage research in the development of products.
  3. Learners will understand the definitions of key terms (personalized, human intelligence, etc.) within the context of a K-12 classroom.



Andrea Riggs, Senior Director, Communications, Rosetta Stone, Inc.

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