SXSW 2020

Redefining Networking in the Digital Age


According to research from Northwestern, women with networks of other women are likely to land jobs that are 2.5 levels higher than women without those groups. For women, networking has proven to increase job level and reduce the gender gap in leadership. Networking has been around since day one, but the way we communicate and connect is changing. The advent of digital technologies and social media has changed relationship building, and the way we we do business has evolved in an increasingly digital world. How do we take this age old practice of networking, which is crucial to career development (especially for women) and make it impactful and effective in a new, digital era? At Ellevate, we’ve created a new structure that helps women make impactful connections in this new era of business

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  1. The positive impact that networking can have on women’s careers, helping to close the gender achievement gap in business
  2. The way to overcome the challenges of networking in an increasingly digital age, full of inauthentic connections
  3. From a corporate perspective: ways to evolve an organization’s business offering through a new lens and how to build a product for scale



Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network

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