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Stress: My New Best Friend

Stress is one of the most influential components of one’s life. The impact of stress on the individual can have such enduring consequences that it has become a focal point of research in the workplace. Most of the time, we view stress negatively. However, not all stress is negative. In fact, in order for us to perform optimally, research has shown that a certain amount of stress is needed. If we can re-define how we respond to stress, we can build a new, facilitating relationship with it.

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  1. Understand the current science and research on Stress, both its positive attributes and negative consequences.
  2. Evaluate one’s current relationship with Stress. When we can identify what we are feeling, we can choose how to respond to stress and work with it.
  3. Learn a variety of mindfulness tools to create a personal practice that is sustainable and effective and can be adapted for students in the classroom



Stephanie Simpson, Educator, Artist, Coach, Riverdale Country School & Stephanie Simpson Coaching

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