Implicit Bias: Reframing Our Assumptions


We all hold implicit and explicit biases and assumptions, despite our awareness of them – but we also all have the ability to acknowledge and deconstruct those biases. In this session, presenters will lead a collaborative, workshop-based discussion designed for K-12 educators who wish to further equity and inclusivity starting with their own relationships with students, peers, and families. Discussion will reflect on and deconstruct explicit biases while creating an affirming school culture.

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  1. Attendees will leave the session with a deeper understanding of what implicit biases are and why they are present in every classroom.
  2. Acquire reflection skills to recognize their own biases and begin to feel more comfortable in acknowledging those biases.
  3. Learn skills to understand the origination point of biases, heal and understand ways to deconstruct assumptions they hold.



Ana-Le Cairns, Director, Brand Engagement, McGraw-Hill Education

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