What Research Can Tell Us About Equity in Math


As district leaders continue to prioritize educational equity initiatives, practitioners are tasked with driving those initiatives by translating equity research to actionable strategies. In math, the need for equitable instruction couldn’t be more urgent: math skills are critical for college & career, but all too many students encounter barriers to success. During this panel, PreK-12 experts will review what research tells us about making math accessible, engaging, and rigorous for all learners

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  1. Attendees will reflect on common math instructional practices and existing assumptions about math education through an equity lens.
  2. Attendees will learn about emerging and seminal research specific to instructional strategies or approaches that can promote equity in math.
  3. Attendees will consider timely principles and practices that support equitable math teaching and learning for all students.



Krista Redmond, Marketing Communications Manager, McGraw-Hill

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