SXSW 2020

BAM! POW! AR? It’s the Factory of the Future


Digital technologies like IoT and AR are enabling “super powers” for the average worker today. Like superheroes banding together, different workers complement each other with their enhanced abilities. Take a factory setting for example. Some look into the future using predictive maintenance to anticipate when an asset will need a tune up. Others boost their powers using AR to virtually see inside solid objects to troubleshoot issues. New powers are realized in many corners of the factory of the future, and across various enterprises in many different industries. This session will talk about how IoT and other digital and cognitive technologies are helping transform us all into superheroes, endowing us with the enhanced senses, intelligence, and strength to perform superhuman feats every day

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  1. You’ll look at the world around you in a new way
  2. You'll replace fears of technology with a newfound excitement
  3. You'll learn about the power of the "augmented person"



Victoria Phillips, Manager, Communications, Deloitte

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