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Genomics in a Sea of Societal Issues

How do you increase the genomic literacy of a nation against the background of busy lives and complicated societal issues like poverty, health disparities, discrimination, and historical trauma? We will discuss the complexity of genomics in the LGBTQ+ community; creating an informed public in Flint, Michigan amidst a public health water crisis; how adoptees are leveraging direct-to-consumer genetic tests; and how gene/environment interactions and historical trauma have affected Native Youth.

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  1. Learn about how the community viewpoints of a federal working group is integral to fulfilling the mission of a federal genomics institute.
  2. Understand successful engagement and bi-directional learning approaches in working to increase genomic literacy in populations.
  3. Learn about cultural and ethical considerations in educating and working with diverse populations about genomics.



Kimberly Jacoby Morris, Education Specialist, National Human Genome Research Institute

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