Empowering Students to Become Agents of Change


Student voices can be powerful – particularly when students have the skills to make their voices heard. Educators are in a unique position to empower young people to recognize their strength and become agents of change in their classroom, school, community, and beyond. In this session, attendees will hear from educators and leaders who have studied and practiced the art of student empowerment. Panelists will explore how student-centered learning can help students become change makers.

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  1. Attendees will reflect on the potential of every student to make a difference in the world and the importance of valuing student voice.
  2. Attendees will understand the importance of providing students an opportunity to influence their environment, in and out of the classroom.
  3. Attendees will learn specific teaching strategies for student empowerment and reflect on individual narratives of student influence from speakers.



Emily Bonina, Social Media Marketing Specialist, McGraw-Hill Education

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