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Why and How to Teach A.I. & Data Science to K-9

AI & Data Science are impacting every facet of our lives. In this session, the audience will experience the wonder of AI & Data Science by exploring 2 top AI systems first hand, similar to how we teach students. They will learn key AI & Data Science concepts, see how they can be taught in fun/engaging ways and develop critical thinking. Audience will also create an art working with AI and see how AI can be taught as an interdisciplinary subject and help unleash human’s own creativity as well.

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  1. Learn via hands-on activities how Data Science and A.I. can be taught to students K-12 effectively and gain confidence that they can teach it as well
  2. Gain critical understanding of why AI & Data Science should be key components of a future-ready STEAM curriculum, based on convincing evidences.
  3. See how AI can be integrated with other disciplinary areas and serves as an effective tool for developing critical thinking skills & creativity.



Jessie Jiang, Founder, Ceo, Create & Learn

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