SXSW 2020

Human 1st in Tech: How to Operationalize Inclusion


Inclusion in the tech world is at a cross-road. Persistent media coverage created awareness about the need for change, but what is the path for an organization to make inclusion authentic, actionable and sustainable? Join this panel in exploring the importance of human-first thinking in the tech industry and discussing how employee loyalty and productivity, profit longevity, and even business’ long-term survival, depends on alignment of principles, such as diversity, purpose and inclusion. The four women in this panel will share experiences in activating inclusion at startups, enterprises, academia and nonprofits. They will discuss learning based on their four distinct nationalities and different cultural backgrounds to illustrate that inclusion is a universal human and a global topic.

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  1. Technology, population, societal expectations, legislation will require tech industry to take a human first (vs tech first) approach to their business
  2. Technologists must embrace inclusion as the key design element that brings innovation, differentiation, new markets, and financial performance.
  3. Importance for an organization to have holistic principles, policies and processes in place to operationalize and capitalize on inclusion.



Frances West, Founder, FrancesWestCo

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  • Event: SXSW
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