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Innovation in Early Education

Continued evidence supports the fact that a child’s first five years of life are critical for setting the foundation for lifelong academic, personal & professional success, especially for children in poverty. But where should we focus our efforts for the greatest impact? Which needs must be addressed by new ideas & approaches now? The Ounce, a leader in research, program development & policy in early education since 1982, will share major trends & key needs to impact our most vulnerable learners

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  1. Identify the ‘#facts’- realities and major trends that will influence innovation in the field of early childhood education
  2. Understand needs that must be addressed by new ideas and approaches to positively impact early learning for children and families in poverty
  3. Consider possible innovative and entrepreneurial approaches that can address key trends and needs in early learning through communities and systems



Kanika White McGhee, Director Of Innovation, The Ounce of Prevention Fund

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