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SXSW 2020

Listening to your HOME is the Future of IoT

Your Home is Talking. So is earth. Are you Listening? Your home isn’t going to fail without warning. Both your residence and our planet are offering signals of distress. Listen, and you’ll understand how AI and automation can truly help revolutionize the way we live, interact with our environment and use our resources smarter. The future smart home doesn’t just have technology that entertains, advertises, or sells you more things. It’s technology that can automatically help you be as efficient as possible. It’s tech for the greater good that’s automating our ability to be as efficient as possible. Our panelists help your home run smooth, and believe the future of smart living = using our resources more efficiently to save homeowners money (energy efficiency and water conservation).

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  1. Trends in combating the energy and water crisis: the new wave of smart home technology/services are focused on helping consumers be more sustainable
  2. The smart home is failing users: complexities; costly vulnerabilities; and dumb problems homes shouldn’t have (including leaks and air quality)
  3. Homeowners can use resources smarter: demystify a home’s critical components; products/services to make the 21st century home a model for conservation


  • Mark Vena, Senior Analyst for Smart Home, Home Automation, Security & Console Gaming, Moor Insights & Strategy
  • Keri Waters, Founder, Buoy Labs
  • Jon-Michael Kowall Kowall, Property Product Development and Innovation, USAA
  • Scott Jarman, Consulting Engineer , Austin Energy


Sarah Reckard, External Communications Manager, Resideo

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Fantastic Future
  • Level: Advanced
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