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Designing Educational Engagement with XR

In this workshop, discussion will begin with a brief overview of XR and its applications within education. Teams of participants will develop ideas based on specific educational challenges that lead to appropriate XR solutions. Teams will briefly share out their solutions with everyone. Next, presenters will share how we solved each challenge at NC State, including pitfalls and successes. Attendees will leave with an increased awareness of XR solutions and the inspiration to explore them!

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  1. Participants will understand different uses and application for XR in education through scenarios, examples, and experiences.
  2. Participants will gain the ability to analyze and think critically about instructional challenges through the lens of XR.
  3. Participants will gain an awareness of production requirements for a range of XR solutions.



Benjamin Huckaby, Lead Interaction Designer/Developer, NC State University - DELTA

Meta Information:

  • Tags: xr, experiential learning
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Emerging Tech & Development
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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