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Don't Bring Me Down! Empowering Stories Win

What is Empowerment Marketing? In the broadcast tradition, audiences are cajoled into buying products and joining causes because marketers make us feel inadequate without them. But, with today's tools, anyone and everyone can spread, change (or kill) a marketer's message through social networks – reverting us to an oral tradition we call the digital era. And what kind of communication worked in the wilds of our ancestors' oral landscapes? Stories. But not just any stories broke through – the dominant stories throughout all time empowered listeners to connect to their values and called on their potential as citizens, not consumers. If you're still selling ideas or products using the tools of the dying broadcast era, your messages will be lost. Come learn how your idea or product can leverage today's digitoral tools and thrive in the wilds of this new era. In the story wars, empowering stories always win.

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  1. Why are empowering stories more effective than other types of stories?
  2. How do you get your message to break through and go viral in a world of media clutter?
  3. How do you build stories and brands around transcendent human values?
  4. How do you create a unique, human-scale brand voice through an understanding of your brand's archetype?
  5. How do you position your audience (and not your brand) as the hero of your story?



Jonah Sachs, Co-Founder & CEO, Free Range

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