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How Customization Impacts Designer Fashion

A new era of fashion is emerging. One that reflects the casualness of our everyday lives, direct-to-consumer distribution channels, and the active learning from consumers in the design of our products. Additionally, new technology in the manufacturing supply-chain leads the way for our ability to tackle issues of sustainability, the circular economy, and ethical labor practices through customization and on-demand production. But in a time when consumers will have the power to dictate exactly what they want to wear, what is the role of the fashion designer? This session dives deep into the business model of the designer fashion enterprise to discover opportunities for innovation, highlighting the unique strengths of designer brands and their future contribution to the things that we wear.

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  1. Get an inside look of the designer fashion business model, and how it is changing.
  2. Explore how technology is enabling progress for sustainability in fashion manufacturing through mass-customization and on-demand production.
  3. Learn about opportunities to continue pushing for innovation to revolutionize the fashion industry.



Jennifer Millspaugh, Co-Founder & CEO, Aesthetic Ventures

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Style & Retail
  • Level: Advanced
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